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Telxon portable data collection services

CTS has a long history maintianing, repairing, and upgrading Telxon
Portable data collection terminals. Our engineers and tech's are the
best in the business and can help you stretch every last mile out of
your Telxon investment. We offer unique service plans to fit your IT
needs and your budget. We can cover your entire fleet, or handle your
units on an as-needed basis. We understand all customers are different

and will offer you a professional solution that fits, perfectly.


We use the highest quality parts available and our experienced tech's
have performed tens of thousands of repairs. We understand what
these devices mean to your bottom line and take the care to keep them
performing for You.
We still handle nearly every model that was produced - we were there
when it was sold and we'll be here to get it as far as you need.

If it's time to transistion your fleet to new equipment, CTS will help
You make that happen smoothly and cost effectively. Our consultants
can often provide a solution that will work together with your Telxon
equipment as we move forward. Innovation, dedication - that has been
our commitment for over a decade and a half - and counting
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